William gets rolling again with Boccia

ITS a game of strategy played at the Paralympic level, but for three-year-old William Brady, boccia provided a moment of sheer delight as he realised he could play with everyone else in the room.Wills life has opened up after receiving a motorised wheelchair after a fundraising effort by the Gympie community.Now he has had his first game of boccia.Boccia is a bowling game similar to the Italian game of bocce.It has been designed for people with some loss of functional arm and hand movement and for all ability levels.A ramp can be used for those who are unable to throw.William has Arthrogrythosis Multiplex Congenita with amnioplasia, a condition which creates severe muscle atrophy, joint contractions and muscle wastage, requiring him to be cared for full-time.William was given the chance to join in at Gympie, thanks to MontroseAccess, a charity which provides care and support to people with a disability, Sporting Wheelies and Disabled Association and Avenue Support.His mother, Celia Knight, said it was a special moment when William realised he could play equally, thanks to a height adjustable ramp.

via William gets rolling again | Gympie Times.

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