Who Are We?

DEMAND is a charity dedicated to helping people with disabilities that require bespoke equipment to help them with their everyday lives. With your help we transform the lives of people with disabilities – of all ages and with all types of disability. Visit our web site – here.

What Do We Do?

DEMAND’s engineering and design expertise enable us to manufacture bespoke equipment that helps people with disabilities. From two sites in the UK, our team of 20 staff work with individuals to design and manufacture equipment that makes their daily life easier or helps them to enjoy sport and leisure activities. Those with special requirements frequently find there is no ‘off- the- shelf’ solution. The donations we receive enable us to dedicate the time necessary to design solutions specific to an individual and provide the equipment free of charge. More about what we do – here.

How Do We Do It?

We visit people at their home, school, or work to assess their needs. We include their Physiotherapist or Occupational Therapist and family/helper/carer to ensure that everything is taken into account. Our team of designers begin the design process and manufacture a prototype. At the next visit we test to find any unforeseen problems. Once we have arrived at a solution that matches the individual’s needs, the product is finished to a high standard.


DEMAND exists to conduct and encourage the design and manufacture of equipment that both improves the quality of life and provides opportunities for current and future generations of individuals with disabilities, irrespective of their ability to pay.

For more information about DEMAND – please visit our main web site – demand.org.uk

Why does the charity, DEMAND, manufacture Boccia ramps?

DEMAND makes Boccia ramps available so that more people can experience this sport. For the last 8 years DEMAND has manufactured Boccia Ramps. By doing this we have made Boccia more easily accessible to those who want to add a new sport to their leisure activities. Our provision of Boccia ramps helps us continue to support our charitable aim of offering one-off equipment – free of charge – to our disabled clients.

NOTE: Proceeds from the manufacture and sale of our Boccia products goes towards supporting our charitable work.

We are one of the most established manufacturers of Boccia Ramps. For several years we worked closely with the medal winning Great Britain Boccia International Team developing Ramps suitable for the BC3 class of the sport. Our well respected Boccia Ramps have been shipped from our workshop in the U.K. to Boccia players around the world.

We would be keen to talk with people and organisations about how we might work with you to support the equipment needs of Boccia players in your country. You can contact us using our online form here.


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