DO IT YOURSELF: Tips on How to Raise Your Game

raiseyourgameThere have been many requests from readers wanting practical advice about how to improve their Boccia skills and progress on to their National Teams. In the next issue of Boccia Inclusive we will explore this in more detail, getting coaches and players to share their wisdom on the matter. But for this issue I will present some basic tips to help raise the level of play for new and hobby players.

Concentration, Confidence and consistency are three important factors in improving within any sport. To compete at a high level you need consistency in accuracy and pace to put the ball exactly where you want it; whether rolling up to the jack, into a gap, or knocking a ball in/away. Then you also need to have complete confidence in your ability to make that shot and concentration while taking it. The more consistent you become, the more confidence you are; and vice versa. If you suffer a lack of confidence or concentration it will have a negative affect on your game play, even the best players can have bad shots if they start doubting their ability or not as focus as they need to be.

Author: David Hill

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