SAM OLDKNOW: Reaching New Boccia Heights

Sam_Oldknow-BocciaI have been playing Boccia for around seven years now. I attended a “Playground to Podium” event when I was 8 years old and was identified as a potential Boccia player. From the event I was invited to join the Notts Elite Boccia squad.

The Notts Elite Boccia squad is run by Pete Edwards and, in joining, I hoped to enjoy it. From the moment I first began to play Boccia I found it really fun to be part of. I felt that it was a sport that I could compete in against my peers and hopefully progress through to the highest level.

Over the past seven years I have made steady progress under the tutition of my coach and with the support of my teammates at Nottingham Boccia Club. However, the last twelve months have been amazing. I have always worked hard at the sport and always wanted to climb the ladder of success, but I never dreamed it would happen so quickly.

Author: Sam Oldknow

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