Case Study – Boccia – A look back…

Out of the twenty sports that make up the Summer Paralympic Games, Boccia was the one which we felt summed up the games for us. It isn’t an Olympic sport and so helps represent the difference of the games and the importance of the different sports involved. It is also a really exciting sport which we felt would work brilliantly as a game, and Channel 4 agreed.

Boccia is a turn based game based on similar rules to Boules, but devised specifically for athletes with physical disability who require a wheelchair. The aim of the game is to throw leather balls as close to the target jack as possible.

The game has various modes for players to access once they’ve chosen their nationality. Quick play gets players to the heart of the action in a simulated Boccia court either playing against the computer with highly competitive and realistic AI or against another player on the same machine.Choose the number of ends and play away.

Tournament mode puts you in a simulated tournament, playing against the best names in the sport. Play through from the quarter final stages to see if you can beat the professionals. Arcade mode focuses on skills, from target practise through to speed and strategy in a technical setting.

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