Boccia Rule Changes After London 2012

After each Paralympic Games, the governing body of international boccia – now BISFed (Boccia International Sports Federation) – opens submissions for changes to the official rules.  The submission process from nations is now over and draft changes have just been announced, and can be downloaded here.

BISFed is inviting comments on the draft changes.

I have submitted to them written comments in the following areas:

Sections 5.2.1 and 5.3.1: Pairs and Team Divisions

Section 6.10.2: Completion of End

Section 9.1 and 11.1: Movement on Court

Section 9.5: Movement on Court

Section 18.1: The Captain’s Responsibility

Section 19.2: Warm up Procedures

Section 24: Protest Guidelines

I am presenting my proposals publicly and on individual pages, so that the boccia community can comment on each one separately.  An athlete was not on the very small committee that decided which proposals to reject or approve.  It is very important that we hear from as many players as possible so that the rules reflect realities of the game.

via Boccia Rule Changes After London 2012.

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