Where now for Boccia after the fanfare?

Boccia player Nurulasyiqah Mohd Taha echoed his sentiments and called for efforts to ensure that Paralympians get the best equipment which are also customised to their personal needs. In her case, it was the ramp used to launch the balls.

Nurulasyiqah explained: “The Koreans use a very good ramp made of solid wood, but it is difficult for me to use it because I cannot bend. I need something transparent.

 “These are things that we need to innovate on. Just because the Koreans are the best and they use a ramp doesn’t mean that their ramp will suit me.”

She added that there is a lack of awareness here for such needs and it is an issue that needs to be addressed.

Nurulasyiqah also noted that more boccia trainers are needed to cater to the growing number of players. There are currently only two boccia coaches in the fraternity.

via TODAYonline | Sports | Eyeing the future, after the fanfare.

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