Muslimah Paralympians

Last week I was in London, moonlighting as a cheerleader. My sister, Nurulasyiqah, represented Singapore in boccia for the first time ever, and I was absolutely excited to see her play in the Paralympics.

In between matches, a friend remarked:

“You know, your sister looks like such a good Muslim.”

In Islamic discourses, disabled people are generally portrayed as being “special” or closer to God, but also “imperfect.”…………… (click link below for the full article)………….

And how did my sister fare? She almost made it to the semi-finals, but narrowly lost a tie-breaker with Korea. But she’s happy. Success is not always a gold medal, because inshallah she represents possibilities for all boccia athletes in Singapore, and especially Malay Muslim para-athletes.

via Muslimah Paralympians.

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