BOCCIA ON THE WORLD STAGE: A Paralympic Boccia Synopsis

bocciasynopsis (2)After years of eager anticipation, the Paralympics finally took centre stage in London. It may not have got the coverage that it deserved, but London 2012 certainly made a greater effort to raise the profile of the Paralympic Games than any host before.

Boccia, on the other hand, still remains over looked compared with the superstar events of Athletics, Swimming and Cycling; although a few thousand more people know what it is. The two Medals won by the GB Team will also help elevate Boccia more into the public domain.

The thousands of people, open-minded enough to give Boccia a try, watched the sport and were treated to an awesome spectacle of world-class action. The seven-day sporting marvel showcased some of Boccia’s most exciting talents from across the globe. The atmosphere within the Excel’s South Arena 1 was electrifying, beyond anything any of the Boccia Athletes had experienced before. Even in Beijing nearly all of the two-and-a-half thousand-spectators were rent-a-crowd, people actually made to watch Boccia. At London, it was completely different; every seat taken by someone who was excited and enthused to play witness to a Paralympic sporting event.

Author David Hill

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