Turkey, Boccia and a Dream !

In the city of Izmir, Turkey located on the Western coast, a new paralympic sport is gathering the attention of everyone. That sport is BOCCİA !!!

We have been playing boccia in Izmir for a few years now (since we discovered the sport in 2008 in China) but after watching the Paralympic Games 2012 in London we now have a dream to go to the Paralympic Games in Rio, Brazil. “Man’s reach should exceed his grasp” perhaps.


It can never hurt to dream.  And dream big we have … With the help of Demand Sport this dream is coming true for our most physically disabled athletes right here and now. Our friends at Demand managed to get us 4 of their boccia ramps to take back to Turkey. Players who had never been able to play competitive boccia, for lack of proper equipment, were able to put their accuracy to the test using this equipment.

For many, it is already a dream come true. The new professional approach of our program has drawn the attention of the local municipalities and sports clubs to find new players, coaches and referees. That’s all for now :). You’ll have to wait  to see what will happen next.
Could it be international competitions in Turkey? Let’s dream on…………..

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