Visit Dan Bentley’s web site – England Boccia team Player and Medal Winner

Quote from Dan’s web site here:

Best Experience

It has got to be Beijing 2008. It was amazing the whole expearience from the village all the way to picking up the gold medal. The best game was in the semi-final against the hosts China, the crowd was electric but the best thing was that after the 5th end we were 7 – 2 up and they all walked out – I did have a little smile to myself! The final was good we controlled it from the start and won it quite easily 8 – 4.

From this moment our lives changed, the referee said end of the game I didn’t know what to do, I kind of wondered around and then got ‘mugged’ by our suppot staff, I did jump into the crowd in a mad moment!

When interviewed by BBC I did the worst interview ever, when asked “Dan how does that medal feel around your neck” I answered “heavy but it’s a nice weight”

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