Boccia coach helps disabled through sport

STUDENT Toh Sze Ning, who has cerebral palsy, was initially doubtful that she could take part in a sport called boccia.

As she could not feed or dress herself, she wondered how she could take part in a game involving moving a ball.

But thanks to her former teacher Lanny Kwok Ping Ping, the 19-year-old, who started learning how to play some seven years ago, went on to be ranked 16th last year in the world in the paralympic sport.

Yesterday, Madam Kwok, 43, from Spastic Children’s Association School, was among three recipients of the Outstanding Special Education Teacher Award at the annual Special Education conference held at Singapore Expo.

“The sport gave the students a boost in self-esteem and expanded their social circle and cognitive skills; I was glad to be part of it,” said Madam Kwok.

via Teacher helps disabled through sport.

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