Boccia coach helps special needs students find their voice

For more than a decade, he could only express his thoughts and feelings through picture cards. Unable to write or type, communication for the boy, who has severe cerebral palsy, was limited to a thick stack of cards toted around in a file.

That drove his Special Education (SPED) teacher, Mdm Lanny Kwok, to embark on a search six years ago for assistive devices that could help him take a leap beyond his abilities.

With Mdm Kwok’s help, participating during classes and initiating conversations with his parents and friends became easier for the boy, now 21, thanks to a software she found – which allowed him to string sentences together by tapping on a “switch” as alphabets rolled across a computer screen. To enhance the communication process, pictures he could click were periodically added to help illustrate a point……

Mdm Kwok is also currently the national coach for boccia – a ball-tossing game designed for those with mobile disabilities – and she has set up boccia as a co-curricular activity at the school. Seven students from the school have since represented the Singapore Disability Sports Council’s boccia team.

via TODAYonline | Singapore | Helping her special needs students find their voice.

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