Rio the goal for boccia champ

The search for Paralympic hopefuls to compete in the sport of Boccia for Australia is on as the Paralympic Committee tour the country.

Rockhampton Sporting Wheelies held a come-and-try day recently to encourage more people with disabilities to get involved in the sport.

36-year-old Helena Kidd has been competing in the game since 2006 and took part in the day as part of her training.

Her mother Kay Kidd is also her ramp assistant and says it’s a sport for all levels of disability.

“It’s originally and Italian lawn bowls game that they have played but they play with steel balls so for disabilities, we play with a soft leather ball and with Helena, she plays with a ramp,” she says.

“She has a ramp and a head pointer so that she can propel the balls off the ramp with the head pointer.

“There are other people that play with throwing.”

via Rio the goal for boccia champ – ABC Capricornia – Australian Broadcasting Corporation.

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