Download new brochure for the Boccia FUSION ramp from DEMAND

Boccia Fusion Ramp from DEMAND

We have recently created new brochure in PDF format for the latest new ramp from DEMAND – The Fusion. It can be downloaded from here -.

Briefly, the Boccia FUSION Ramp was recently introduced.

  • The Fusion is the result of almost a decade of development and research in this field. This is our most comprehensive and professional Boccia Ramp.
  • The Boccia FUSION incorporates a whole new swivel mechanism allowing the ramp section to be rotated whilst the base remains stationary offering the player a more precise level of control. Other features include leveling feet with angle and length adjustable legs to guarantee stable and precise operation of the product.
  • The FUSION also comes as a complete kit including two ramp extensions and head pointer all included in a custom made carry case for ease of transportation.

The Benefits of the Fusion – DEMAND’s Most Advanced Ramp

Of all our ramps, The Fusion gives you the most control over your shot to help you improve your performance.

Prepare for the shot with:

  • More accurate sighting – due to its lift-up flip top
  • Easier sighting for those BC3 category players who can take advantage of the transparent channel that the ball rolls along
  • More precise placement of the ball on the ramp – using the D-Ring
  • Less chance of a foul shot – as the tip of the ramp remains reliably stable
  • Confidence that the ramp will remain in your preferred position – due to its solid construction, leveling feet and adjustable base legs
  • Increased speed – quickly alter the ramps previous position using the horizontal pivot mechanism

Make the shot with:

  • Greater control over the speed of the ball…
  • … as the locking flip top allows you to easily adust & fix the vertical angle of the ramp
  • … the extension provides a greater distance for the ball to run
  • … by adjusting the height of the tip from the ground

The main Features of the Fusion are summarised below:

  • Flip Top
  • Fully Rotating Top Section
  • Folds for easy transportation
  • Extension D Ring
  • Head Pointer
  • Extendible Legs
  • Levelling Feet
  • Ramp Angle Adjust
  • Carry Case

For more information – go here –

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