Interview with Boccia Athlete David Smith

Q Your name?

A My name is David Smith.

Q And your sport?

A And my sport, Boccia.

Q How did you get into Boccia?

A It started about 6 years ago when I was at my school, secondary school, in a PE lesson because I was at a specialist school. They were doing Boccia and I just started playing and have been playing ever since really.

Q What do you enjoy most about it?

A I like the fact that not many people know about it and that its up and coming, and I can be part of something growing.

Q What does a typical day in your sport involve?

A A typical day, in competition, is when you get up, maybe go down, walk down to the venue, probably play your game, drink as much as possible, watch other players, possibly support your team mates and try and relax so far and enjoy the environment you are in.

Q How do you relax when you are not training or competing?

A I tend to listen to music, I also don’t mind playing on the old computer games now and again or watching TV.

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