You may not know about – Boccia

Boccia is a precision sport focusing on muscle control and accuracy which resembles boules. Athletes propel balls towards a white target ball known as the jack playing either four ends (that’s rounds to you and me) for individual and pairs and six ends for teams. Each player, pair or team gets six balls during each end and the athlete, pair or team whose ball is closest to the jack at the close of an end scores one point, and an extra point for every ball that’s closer to the jack than the opposition’s closest ball.

Players must be in a wheelchair as a result of cerebral palsy or other related locomotor conditions such as muscular dystrophy. There are four classifications relating to the athletes ability within the sport. They are:

BC1 – athletes with cerebral palsy who can either kick or throw the ball

BC2 – athletes with cerebral palsy who find it a little easier to throw than BC1 athletes

BC3 – athletes with cerebral palsy who cannot independently kick or throw the ball three metres, and who therefore use a ramp

BC4 – athletes with an impairment other than cerebral palsy who have difficulty in throwing the ball

via Five Paralympic sports you may not know about – Now. Here. This. – Time Out London.

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